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Bricks Culture Issue 1: Print Edition – SOLD OUT

Bricks Culture Issue 1: Print Edition - SOLD OUT
Bricks Culture is an indulgent new brand serving the needs of the ultimate adult enthusiasts of LEGO. It delivers high-end content to enrich the lifestyle of the true connoisseur and celebrates the greatest innovators in the community: the designers of stunning artworks, the engineers building meticulous creations, the intellectuals analysing this cultural phenomenon and the entrepreneurs filling gaps in the market with their own products and services.

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Issue 1 of Bricks Culture introduces the many ways that a diverse range of people have built LEGO into their own lives and those of the community around them. Topics covered include photography, engineering, art, small businesses, books, product design, history, social media marketing, collecting, gallery shows and more. The lavish page spreads of LEGO models will amaze you, the deep intellectual articles will change the way you think about LEGO and the interviews with innovative entrepreneurs will inspire you. Contributors range from the ultimate fans, to employees of the LEGO Group, to an artist who has never touched LEGO since childhood.