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Bricks Culture Issue 2: Print Edition – SOLD OUT

Bricks Culture Issue 2: Print Edition - SOLD OUT
Bricks Culture is an indulgent new brand serving the needs of the ultimate adult enthusiasts of LEGO. It delivers high-end content to enrich the lifestyle of the true connoisseur and celebrates the greatest innovators in the community: the designers of stunning artworks, the engineers building meticulous creations, the intellectuals analysing this cultural phenomenon and the entrepreneurs filling gaps in the market with their own products and services.

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Our guest artists Chris McVeigh, James Pegrum and Cole Blaq all return with more beautiful LEGO creations whilst Andy Morris exclusively reveals his human-sized LEGO ice cream sculptures. We speak to the entire team behind one of the most stunning fan-made books ever created to find out what really goes into making a successful LEGO sci-fi book. We also meet the man who turned a small raffle on a fan forum into a registered charity delivering LEGO sets to sick children worldwide, and another who has carved out a freelance career illustrating comics for the LEGO Club Magazine. The fan designer of the most recently-announced LEGO Ideas set, Jason Allemann, writes for us about the scientific challenges he faced creating his hopping animal models. Mike Doyle and David Alexander Smith both contribute deeply reflective pieces on the nature of LEGO bricks, art and the role of storytelling. Our new correspondent in Denmark, Julie Broberg, introduces us to a Senior Design Manager at the LEGO Group, Simon Lucas, and interviews the popular New Zealand-based photographer Harley Quin. We also invited all of the photographers featured in our first issue back to shoot the special white Boba Fett minifigure.