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Bricks Issue 11: Digital Edition

014-017 carl greatrix
030-035 legi dice games
042-045 cmf chess
068-069 maze ideas
094-101 batmobile history
080-089 Battle packs (1)
112-117 Swebrick show report
Bricks Issue 11: Digital Edition
Bricks is a brand that aims to inspire, educate and inform even the most ardent enthusiast. Every month the brand will be supported by a digital edition. Bricks will also provide a like minded community hub where LEGO fans can converse and be informed, while simultaneously being entertained by their primary interest.

In the name of the game

Whether it was watching a family member flip the Monopoly board across the room, crushing armies in Risk or just simply guessing whodunnit in Cluedo, there is no disputing games are a key part of growing up. Despite the humble board game now taking second fiddle to consoles and mobile devices, games still play a huge role in development, regardless of format. This month, Bricks looks at the influence games have had on LEGO and vice versa.

Keeping it traditional, we start with six – SIX – new Angry Birds sets. Chris Pearce takes us through their crazy world, as he explores the new pieces and figures you can expect to find. As we pass go, we catch-up with Lucy Boughton as she looks into The LEGO Group’s game division, which gave birth to the amazing rebuildable dice games that have provided endless hours of fun. It’s checkmate with Dr Dave, as he looks at the highly collectible, themed Chess offerings from across the years which, inspired Bricks to make our own LEGO chess set, using collectible minifigures. We review the latest ideas set Labyrinth Marble Maze and even provide some alternative courses, thanks to its creator Jason Allemann. We finish our gaming section with a recreation of the classic board game, Ghost Castle.

In addition to this, we get the inside scoop from Carl Greatrix as he is announced as the latest successful candidate on LEGO Ideas with his Caterham 7 models. We discover whether battle packs help army building costs and Huw Millington finalises his series on LEGO trains. We have the Batmobile history and a full batcave how-to technique guide, a healthy dose of reviews and much more. There should be plenty here for another fun-packed month.

Enjoy the issue and keep building

With 124 pages packed full of inspirational models and exclusive features Bricks is the premier LEGO fan magazine. With a price of just £4.99, why accept anything less?