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Bricks Issue 5: Digital Edition

Bricks Issue 5: Digital Edition
Bricks is a brand that aims to inspire, educate and inform even the most ardent enthusiast. Every month the brand will be supported by a digital edition. Bricks will also provide a like minded community hub where LEGO fans can converse and be informed, while simultaneously being entertained by their primary interest.

Halloween is fast approaching and here at Bricks Towers we are embracing all that is haunted and spooky within the LEGO world, past and present.

We start by sending Bricks’ roving reporter Sparklord to visit Tara Wike, the woman behind the latest range of Collectable Minifigures which is (in our humble opinion) the best wave ever. Discover the secrets and stories behind each figure.

We follow the Mystery Inc. gang as they search for the missing Velma, Lucy Boughton takes the Hogwarts Express for a look back at the magical world of Harry Potter, Dr Dave stays up all night to look back on the Monster Fighters theme and Chris Pearce gets all spiritual in the world of NINJAGO.

Fear not, we do venture beyond the official sets. We have truly monstrous Masterclass builds from Nick Sweetman and Orion Pax, Chris Adams’ recreations of iconic movie posters while James Pegrum can be found lurking in the graveyard ready to show us some bewitching building techniques.

If this lot wasn’t enough to scare you then our visit to one of the UK’s biggest private LEGO collections may just send you over the edge. Be prepared – it’s massive. While we’re on the subject of size: we also look at the giant Technic Mercedes truck, the evolution of the Millennium Falcon and the ample and very popular WALL•E and Minecraft releases.

Enjoy the issue and keep building…