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Bricks Issue 6: Digital Edition

Bricks Issue 6: Digital Edition
Bricks is a brand that aims to inspire, educate and inform even the most ardent enthusiast. Every month the brand will be supported by a digital edition. Bricks will also provide a like minded community hub where LEGO fans can converse and be informed, while simultaneously being entertained by their primary interest.

Next stop is the Great Western Brick Show, which once again produced some great new builds including Tim Goddard’s Birnam project which we have been following the development of here in Bricks.

Continuing to celebrate the masters among us (obviously we don’t have room for them all!) we meet LEGO Speed Champions designer Craig Callum, McLaren competition winner Peteris Sprogis and Warren Elsmore, creator of the Brick shows. Lucy Boughton takes us through future master builders’ first steps with Juniors while James Pegrum teaches you a masterful technique.

We also have Kev P discussing DK’s selection of the greatest LEGO sets of all time and our team have picked their best sets from 2015. Tim J goes all super-geek on the new Doctor Who set and Jeremy Williams takes us back to the dark world of Blacktron. All this plus much more, so please enjoy our Masters issue.

Enjoy the issue and keep building…