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Gift Pack – Bricks Culture Subscription: 4 Print Issues

Gift Pack - Bricks Culture Subscription: 4 Print Issues
Bricks and Bricks Culture subscriptions are the ideal gift for the LEGO fan in you life and with our new seasonal gift subscriptions can you afford to miss out? Our new gift packages, released today enable you to get your Christmas shopping done early and with ease. You can choose either a Bricks or Bricks Culture subscription (or both if you really want some brownie points) and delivery of the magazine will start automatically upon each titles January release, it couldn’t be simpler. In addition you will receive a printable certificate to wrap up and give to the lucky recipient on Christmas day.  This thoughtful gift is the gift that keeps on giving all year round as each issue lands on their doorstep hassle free. Why restrict your generosity to just one day when you can give a present that provides entertainment all year round. Simply go to our website and choose the gift subscription you would prefer, be it print or digital and then check out, ensuring you have filled in all your details and the delivery details of the person you wish to receive this great present. All you need to do then is sit back and relax in the knowledge that you have shopped smart and will be giving a gift that’s hard to top. So don’t delay click below and get your shopping done early, who knows maybe you could even treat yourself to a little back issue or two as a well-earned reward.

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Bricks Culture is an indulgent new brand serving the needs of the ultimate adult enthusiasts of LEGO. It delivers high-end content to enrich the lifestyle of the true connoisseur and celebrates the greatest innovators in the community: the designers of stunning artworks, the engineers building meticulous creations, the intellectuals analysing this cultural phenomenon and the entrepreneurs filling gaps in the market with their own products and services.